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Development log


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Suggestions :P

1. Zoom out view option!

2. Less sensitive analog steer (half should be good).

3. Default gamepad input: "Back" to respawn (no double tap), A/RightStickUp to accel, X/RightStickDown to brake.


1P = Left, Right, NP1 to brake, NP2 to accel, Backspace to respawn, Enter to start.

2P = A D F G Q E. 3P = J L ; ' U O. 4P = Del PageDown NP8 NP9 Ins PageUp (of course is usable only if 1P uses gamepad).

4. HUD switch option (the text covers half of the 2P visual in 4P mode).

5. Music volume option.

Please do not change the driving style, it's unique and fun! Otherwise the game will feel like many others, vanishing in the mixture...

Thank you for such a detailed comment! Already to the next version, we will correct some of the things you proposed. :)


Maybe Add a feature where the vehicles get damaged over time, Bigger Maps, On the edges of maps add buildings or Rocks to hide the skybox.

The game is in development only three weeks, we participate with it in the GamesJamKanobu2017, so some roughnesses are inevitable at this stage. :) Damage to cars is planned. In addition, we will definitely add new levels and improve existing ones. Thanks for the comment!